Chalet Strachan is Pet Friendly

Are you thinking about bringing your pet on a vacation? The answer that you always get in hotels is no or a possible yes. You can stop worrying about that and book a vacation in Chalet Strachan, because this chalet is Pet Friendly.

We will welcome your pet and take good care of both you and him. Let’s have a closer look at what a vacation with a pet looks like here.

If you are planning on bringing your dog with you, let us know ahead of time so that we can prepare his comfortable sleeping area and a towel for his paws. The best case is if you can let us know what brade and size the dog is so that we can make the sleeping area perfect fitting for him. It is not allowed for the dog to sleep or jump onto beds.

It is you that know what is your pet allowed to eat and what does he like the best. Therefore, we leave the feeding up to you. However, you can find a water bowl and a little snack for your dog upon arrival.

Other conditions
Chalet Strachan is Pet Friendly, which means that we are happy to welcome your pet. However, we are not a dog hotel and taking care of him is all up to you.

Book a vacation in Chalet Strachan with your dog.